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Events, activities, art exhibition organized by municipality and the tourist association of Volterra
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Business week at SIAF

A business week at the International School of Advanced Education (SIAF) in Volterra
Learning about Made in Italy and Made in Tuscany

The main objective of the course is to present different corporate and marketing strategies implemented by Italian companies in competitive and globalization environments and to introduce the Tuscan Business Environment.

Another objective is to provide theoretical and managerial evidence about strengths and weaknesses of Italian SMEs, regarding past, present and future economic conditions.

The methodology is to mix presentations by academics, managers and industrial representatives, both at SIAF and directly at companies.

The program is consisting of seven days training. It consists of four days lectures and case based seminars and three days visit to companies.

The four days lectures and case based seminars usually cover the following issues:

- Corporate and business models: strategic, organizational and property issues
- Retail localization strategies
- Merchandising and shelf management in retail formats
- Economic and financial analysis of retailing performances
- Use of the Internet in modern retailing
- Change Management
- Innovation Management

The visit day could include the most important italian companies (meeting with top and executive manager):

Target groups: owners, top-managers (CEO, CFO, CMO, CPO) of Kaliningrad region small and medium size firms.
Number of each group attendants – 12-20 persons. Attendants will be from different economic and industrial sectors and branches

Most typical industries:
- retail and wholesale (consumer goods (food, cloth, shoos, home technique and so on), buildingconstruction materials, office technique and stationery, etc.)
- building-construction companies
- building-construction materials production
- furniture enterprises
- tourist companies
- food processing enterprises (fish, meat, milk)
- transport and logistic
- service companies (medicine, beauty saloons, restaurants, hotel business and so on)
- mass media, information service, IT
- service, communications

Goals of study tours:

1. Learning of the best practice of business management on the example of different Italian companies: experience in strategy development and implementation, in customer relation management (CRM), sales and distribution system development, arrangement of successful marketing campaigns, development of effective organization charts and structures, instruments of personnel motivation, quality management and so on.

2. Getting acquainted with Italian/regional business environment (industrial specialization, regional development, basics of domestic business law, programs for business support, business associations and professional associations activities, private-government partnership, instruments for business financing and so on).

3. Getting acquainted with cultural particularities of Italian management and establishing business contacts.

Possible activities for participants in the framework of the program:

- Business school teachers and/or consultants presentations and discussions regarding management in Italy
- Presentations if Italian companies representatives
- Presentations of business associations, business incubators, venture capital, banks and authorities representatives
- Visits on big Italian enterprises by the whole group of participants
- Visits on small and medium size enterprises by small groups of participants (divided on industrial basis)
- Cultural activities

In case you would like to know more about this project, please feel free to contact:

Paola Villanelli
Phone: +39 0588 81266
Fax: +39 0588 86414

Last event:
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