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2006 Fondazione IRI Summer School - 3rd edition
The development and commercialization of new technologies are important to the global economy. New product technologies can revitalize old industries or create entirely new industries. New process technologies can streamline production and increase efficiency. Whether by saving capital, labor, or natural resources or by creating new capabilities, technological innovation expands the potential output of the economy, rather than simply shifting economic activity from one enterprise to another.

High-tech start-ups and technology development firms, also known as technological entrepreneurs, represent a crucial catalyst in this process of change and renewal. Despite its great importance, however, our understanding of technology entrepreneurship is still in its infancy.

The Summer School will bring together a variety of outstanding insights on the state of the art of technological entrepreneurship research and practice. At the individual level, the focus will be on scientist/entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other individuals that initiate and drive technological innovation. At the organizational level it is about the structures, processes, and interorganizational linkages that impact value creation in established firms. At the systems level, the focus will be on the constellation of players in the ecology of value creation, which includes the governing factors such as government technology and competition policy, industry standards, intellectual property regimes and the economics of geographical locations and regions.
For more information about Volterra we suggest you to visit the city web site.



Where we are:

Volterra is about 70 minutes away from Pisa and about 60 minutes from Florence. Both Pisa and Florence are served with direct flights from major European cities.
The School organizers will assist participants in organizing transportation to and from the chosen airport or railway station.

Where we Are
Where is the Campus:
Where is the Campus

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