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Suggested readings

Prof. Juan ALCACER
Patent citations as a measure of knowledge flows: The influence of examiner citations
Global Competitors as Next-Door Neighbors: Competition and Geographic Co-location in the Semiconductor Industry
Assignee and Examiner Citations in U.S. Patents: An Overview
Scale economies and the geographic concentration of industry

Prof. Erkko AUTIO
Module description
Creative tension: the significance of Ben Oviatt’s and Patricia McDougall’s article ‘toward a theory of international new ventures’
Learning the language of organizing: internationalization and capability development in start-ups
Home base and knowledge management in international ventures
Global start-ups: Entrepreneurs on a worldwide stage
Toward a theory of international new ventures
A capabilities perspective on the effects of early internationalization on firm survival and growt
Entrepreneurship and Dynamic Capabilities: A Review, Model and Research Agenda
Effects of age at entry, knowledge intensity, and imitability on international growth

Prof. Chris Brewster
Students will be expected to be familiar with the three Readings.
During the class, they will be expected to critique these Readings: ie to explore what is strong and what is weak in the papers. The Readings are:
Mayrhofer, Brewster, Morley and Ledolter. Hearing a Different Drummer: evidence of convergence in European HRM?
Stavrou, Brewster Charalambous. Human Resource Management as a Competitive Tool in Europe
Jokinen, Brewster and Suutari Career capital during international work experiences: contrasting self-initiated expatriate experiences and assigned expatriation

Athreye, S. and Cantwell, J.A. (2007) Creating competition? Globalisation and the emergence of new technology producers, Research Policy, 36, (2): 209-226.
Ernst, D. (2002) Global production networks and the changing geography of innovation systems: implications for developing countries, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 11 (6): 497-523.
Florida, Richard (2002) The economic geography of talent, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 92 (4): 743-755.
Kumar, S. and Russell, R.R. (2002) Technological change, technological catch-up and capital deepening: relative contributions to growth and convergence, American Economic Review, 92: 527-548.
Makino, S., Lau, C.-M. and Yeh, R.-S. (2002) Asset exploitation versus asset seeking: implications for location choice of foreign direct investment from Newly Industrialised Economies, Journal of International Business Studies, 33: 403-421.

Prof. Philip COOKE
P. Cooke Global bioregions; knowledge domains, capabilities and innovation system networks (2006) Industry & Innovation, 13, 437-458
P. Cooke Regionally asymmetric knowledge capabilities and open innovation : exploring *Globalisation 2* a new model of industry organisation (2005), Research Policy, 34,1128-1149
P. Cooke Rational drug design, the knowledge value chain and bioscience megacentres (2005), Cambridge Journal of Economics, 29, 325-341
P. Cooke Regional knowledge capabilities, embeddedness of firms and industry organisation: bioscience megacentres and economic geography (2004), European Planning Studies, 12, 625-641
Against 'Placeless Foodscapes': Agro-Food Contests in Global Contexts
Storper, M. & Salais, R. (1997) The Worlds of Production; the Action Frameworks of the Economy, Cambridge, Harvard University Press
Storper, M. (1997) The Regional World: territorial Development in a Global Economy, London, Guildford

Subsidiary Embeddedness and Control in the Multinational Corporation
The strategic impact of external networks: subsidiary performance and competence development in the multinational corporation
Balancing subsidiary influence in the federative MNC:a business network view

Prof. Martin HAEMMIG
The Economic Importance of Venture Capital Backed Companies to the U.S. Economy
The Globalization of the Venture Capital Industry
Global Venture Capital Insights Report 2006
Venture capital and the structure of capital markets
Banks versus stock markets
Knowledge, institutions, and foreign entry: the internationalization of u.s. venture capital firms
The determinants of venture capital funding: evidence across countries
How Do Legal Differences and Learning Affect Financial Contracts?
Org Science reviews on Chinese IPO paper
Legitimating the Environmentally Challenged: Chinese Entrepreneurial IPOs in U.S. Equity Markets
Israel and the Virtues of necessity
Sharing the idea The emergence of global innovation networks
Global Trends in Venture Capital 2006 Survey

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